Grace Allen Young Memorial Lecture 2020

Grace Allen Young Memorial Lecture 2020
University of Technology, Jamaica

This year the Grace Allen Young Memorial Lecture attracted pharmacists , friends and the family of the deceased Dr. Allen Young. from all over the world. The featured speaker was Dr. Ellen Campbell Grizzle who presented on Pharmacy Leadership in Jamaica 1962-1992.The event is organized by the Caribbean Institute of Pharmacy Policy Practice and Research (CIPPPAR) and its companion organization the UTech Pharmacy Alumni ( UPA) . Dr. Allen Young was a distinguished alumna of UTech, Jamaica who made outstanding and seminal contribution to the profession of pharmacy in Jamaica, the wider Caribbean and the Commonwealth. Th event was full of tributes , awards for deserving students , scholarships and other donations. The 2020 event is posted here in its unedited form for all to enjoy and learn about the history of pharmacy in Jamaica. The valuable comments and statements of many persons present are included.


Caribbean Association of Pharmacists