CAP Awards 2020

Caribbean Pharmacy Youth Leaders Award

An award to a young pharmacist with no more than 5 years of practice who has carried forward leadership and involvement in student years into professional life.

Sponsored By Massy Stores Ltd., Barbados & CariMed Ltd., Jamaica

Brittany Rampersad, Trinidad & Tobago

The Afzal Abdool Scholarship Award

A Scholarship programme named in honour of the late Afzal Abdool, an esteemed and committed member of CAP.  The scholarship highlights his contribution to the development of pharmacy in the Caribbean and recipients will benefit from an increased appreciation of service to the profession through the CAP experience. The award also reflects the key values that helped to define the CAP.

Sponsored by PharMed Agency, Canada

University of Guyana Students
Final year – Gavin Thomas & Reisa Roberts
Third year – Wanella Griffith, Omattie Boodram & Kevin Stoby

Pharmacy Practice Pioneer Awards

Awards to three (3) Pharmacists who are emphasising the delivery of clinical services in their professional practice.

Sponsored by Carlisle Laboratories, Barbados Jamaica

Sheryl Martins, Bermuda
Rosana Narine, Guyana
Kyle Hodge, Trinidad & Tobago

Pedro Roberts Fairplay Award

An Award to a registered Pharmacist who has displayed conduct that conforms to the highest ethical and humanitarian standards.

Sponsored by Commonwealth Drugs, Bahamas

Ketesha Salmon, Cayman Islands

Caribbean Pharmacy Spirit Award

An Award for outstanding contribution to hospital pharmacy practice to be made to an individual or institution offering service in this area.

Sponsored by Ross Drugs, Guyana

Stephanie Peters, Trinidad & Tobago

Caribbean Pharmacy Sigma Award

An Award for the Pharmacy that provides the setting, services and community support in keeping with the high goals of pharmacy, excellent business practices and the best interest of the Caribbean people.

Sponsored by Health 2000

1st Place – SuperPharm, Marabella, Trinidad & Tobago
2nd Place – Massy Stores Ltd., Barbados

Caribbean Pharmacy Innovator’s Award

An award to an individual, organization or institution that has developed new concepts, ideas, products, techniques or institutions that have benefited healthcare, Caribbean Pharmacy and the wider society.

Sponsored by CariMed Ltd, Jamaica

Feroza Sircar, Trinidad & Tobago

Excellence In Regulatory Affairs Award

Awards to 2 Pharmacy Inspectors/ Regulators /Councils that have demonstrated outstanding dedication to high ethical standards and have carried out their duties in a manner that has benefited Pharmacy and the wider public.

Sponsored by Excan Distributors Inc., Canada

Dr. Radcliffe Gouldbourne, Pharmacy Council of Jamaica
Algernon Roberts, Antigua & Barbuda

Community Pharmacist of Distinction

An award to a Caribbean Community Pharmacist who in the opinion of his/her peers has served the community and provided the highest level of Pharmacy care.

Sponsored by Apotex

Mark Barrow, Anguilla

Lifetime Achievement Award

An Award that recognises a Pharmacist whose career has significantly affected Pharmacy, health care and communities and who has practiced pharmacy for more than 25 years.

Sponsored by P.S.I. Drugs, Trinidad and Tobago

Francis Burnett, St. Lucia

Caribbean Distinguished Pharmacy Researcher’s Award

An Award to an individual, organization or institution that engages in pharmacy research and encourages the development and effective use of pharmacy research among practising pharmacists.

Sponsored by Excan Distributors Ltd, Canada

Dr. Ellen Campbell Grizzle, Head of the Caribbean Institute of Pharmacy Policy Practice and Research (CIPPPAR)

Caribbean Pharmaceutical Industry Award

An Award to an Industry Partner with outstanding continued service and support to Pharmacy and the betterment of health care and with significant contribution to CAP for at least the last three consecutive years.

Sponsored by Promed Sunncorp Ltd., Trinidad and Tobago

PharMed Agency, Canada

Honorary Life Member Award

To recognize outstanding and significant contribution to the field of pharmacy in the Caribbean and to the Caribbean Association of Pharmacists in particular.

Dr. Ellen Campbell Grizzle, Jamaica

The Afzal Abdool Special Recognition Award

An award to a person who in the opinion of the CAP Executive & planning committee has gone above & beyond what is expected of them. An individual who actively participates and contributes to the success of CAP by giving of themselves & their resources without seeking compensation or recognition.

Sponsored by Health 2000

Dr. Rian Extavour, Trinidad & Tobago

President’s Award

Presented by the President of CAP to the person who has made a significant contribution to him and to the Association.

David Pellow, Cayman Islands

CAP Star Awards

The 2018-2020 Executive Council

  • Dr. Norman Dunn, 1st Vice President
  • Samantha Conolly, 2nd Vice President
  • Kalawattie Datt-Singh, 3rd Vice President
  • Delton Bain, Secretary
  • Dorraine Williams, Treasurer

Council Members

  • Sherray Banks-Bailey
  • Megan Barker
  • Chargrega (McPhee) McIntosh
  • Rian Extavour
  • Yvonne Reid, Immediate Past President
  • Pamela Townsend, Executive Director

Key Members

  • Doreen Bucknor
  • Peter Fontilus
  • Nicole Jacobs
  • Ellen Grizzle
  • Jermaine Lowrie
  • David Pellow
  • Keisha Dacres
  • Bassil Scantlebury
  • Cheryl Ann Yearwood 
  • Matthew Pellow
  • Martha Rowe

Caribbean Pharmacist of the Year

An award for outstanding contribution to the Profession of Pharmacy and Caribbean Society.

Sponsored by Oscar Francois Ltd, Trinidad and Tobago

Dr. Lisa Bromfield, Jamaica

Caribbean Pharmacist Primus

The award will honour a pharmacist who has had unique, transforming and enduring influence on the profession of Pharmacy in the Caribbean. Honourees will enjoy the right to use the honorary title (C.P.P.) and have their name entered in the CAP Roll of Honour.

Sponsored by Massy Distribution, Jamaica, Ltd

Delton Bain, Bahamas


Caribbean Association of Pharmacists