Caribbean Pharmacist Primus

An award to honour pharmacists who have had unique, transforming and enduring influence on the profession of Pharmacy in the Caribbean. A maximum of three (3) Caribbean pharmacists may be named to the Honour Roll each year. Honorees will enjoy the right to use and be addressed by the honorary title, Caribbean Pharmacist Primus (CPP).

Download Caribbean Pharmacists Primus Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour

Year Winner
2020 Delton Bain, Bahamas
2019 Larry Higgs, Bahamas
2018 Pamela Townsend, Trinidad & Tobago
2017 Yvonne Reid, Jamaica
2016 Cheryl Ann Yearwood, Barbados
2015 Lauren Lum Kin-Thomas, Trinidad & Tobago
2014 Carl Bacchus, Jamaica
2013 Ellen Campbell-Grizzle, Jamaica
2012 Bassil Scantlebury, Barbados
2011 David Pellow, Cayman Islands
2008 Eugenie Brown-Myrie, Jamaica
2007 Vanria Rolle, Bahamas
2006 Francis Burnett, St. Lucia
2005 Peter Fontilus, Curacao
2004 Grace Allen-Young, Jamaica



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