Member Notice: Postponing of Spring Meeting Due to COVID-19

Dear Caribbean Association of Pharmacists Family:

On behalf of your Executive Committee, I extend to you the best wishes, as we all go through this time of crisis due to the global impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. While our region has seen lower numbers than many of our global neighbours, we all recognize the seriousness and grave impact this pandemic continues to pose to our health, and way of life. I urge each of you to do your part in creating the best possible environment for the successful combating of this disease. This includes proper social distancing, enhanced hygiene measures and proper monitoring of yourselves and your family.

As we seek to lead by example, last week your CAP Executives in coordination with the National Member Association of St. Lucia, moved to postpone our Spring Meeting of May 1-3. A future date will be considered if the regional situation allows for it, but we are prepared to look at other means of meeting outside of in-person options. As it relates to our Annual General Meeting and Convention which is slated for the Bahamas in August 12-17 of this year, we remain reasonably optimistic that it may not be affected; but we are monitoring the developments of the matter.

We urge each National Association to take this opportunity to actively participate in your national response to COVID-19. Seize the day; become the leaders in educating patients, the public, other health professionals and health administrators in appropriate, evidence-based selection and use of medicines. You are encouraged to rework the current business models so that your services can still be remain accessible, and to create the business models so that your services can still be accessible, and create new opportunities for pharmacists to excel in our roles as frontline healthcare providers.

More and more, the imposition of social distancing will drive our patients to seek more web-based avenues for information and service. This opportunity is not one to be ignored, so let us make bold new changes for the new reality we all now live in.

Lastly, please stay in touch with CAP as several key announcements will be shortly forthcoming, dealing with COVID-19 developments as well as general CAP administration. These will be disseminated via our various social media, emails and our website which is Please be responsive and provide the necessary actions when they are required. In addition, CAP needs and welcomes your ideas and input as we forge ahead in these changing times. Please contact us with any suggestions you may have that can help us.

I look forward to seeing the wonderful work of our Caribbean Pharmacists, as we continue to provide service and care to our Caribbean people. Let us remember that we are children of the Most High and look to our God for sustenance and provision in these times.

May the blessings of the Creator rest upon each of us.

Marvin R. Smith, Pharm.D.
Caribbean Association of Pharmacists


Caribbean Association of Pharmacists