Caribbean Pharmacy Day 2018: Pushing Past our Limits…Embracing Our Opportunities

On July 6th, 2018, Caribbean pharmacists and pharmacy professionals will celebrate “Caribbean Pharmacy Day”. This year’s observance gives National Associations, pharmacy organizations and individuals the opportunity to show their pride and gratitude in being involved in the best profession in the world. The Caribbean Association of Pharmacists (CAP) is pleased to be the regional body that represents the practice of pharmacy throughout the Caribbean, and we extend to all of our thousands of members, colleagues, partners, students and associates a “Happy Caribbean Pharmacy Day!”

Being a part of this profession is a calling, and it is a wonderful privilege to be an essential component in the delivery to our patients, of quality medications, important treatment information, and vital recommendations for lifestyle modifications. Pharmacy has grown from a dispensing-centered job, to a profession with a vast plethora of vocational paths, professional opportunities, and research-centric possibilities. As we experience these changes in so many areas, this year’s theme, “PUSHING PAST OUR LIMITS…EMBRACING OUR OPPORTUNITIES” provides a clarion call for what should be our response to the ever-changing world around and within our profession.

The new advancements in technology and available therapies, the evolving role of new and old plant-based medicines, including cannabis, and changing dynamics in pharmacy education and regulations are just a few things that make these days exciting for today’s pharmacy professional. To the timid and unprepared, factors such as these may seem to be obstacles or limits to the profession. But to those who understand that the intrinsic nature of our practice has always had its foundation firmly planted in the changing of the times, these factors are just a new set of opportunities; a brand new platform upon which our profession can both stand on, and be elevated from, showing the world our expertise and our value. These opportunities will serve to further cement the legacy of Caribbean pharmacy, as the breeding ground for entrepreneurship, innovation and excellence.

Are the challenges daunting? Of course they are. Are there serious consequences if we either ignore their presence or fail in our response to them? Most certainly, this is also true. But I believe that our past has taught us that we are always at our best when we seek to rise to the challenges confronting us, and turn them into opportunities for positive changes, increased stakeholder input, and innovative ways to get better at what we do, in addition to even doing some new things! So this year we are all reminded to push past the things that appear to be limits to our practice, and find ways to make them opportunities for change and advancement in our profession.

CAP encourages all Member States, National Associations, pharmacy healthcare-systems and pharmacy professionals everywhere, to celebrate the uniqueness and legacy of Caribbean Pharmacy on this day. This can be done by honouring a mentor, celebrating outstanding achievers, mentoring our students and technicians, and providing special services to our beloved patients. These are just some ways, and I am pleased to see that several other methods are being employed to celebrate this wonderful day. Please be sure to share your experiences with us at   so we can help all of our members to enjoy them also. We hope to have a wonderful recap of these activities at our Conference & Annual General Meeting (August 12-19, 2018 in the Cayman Islands).

On behalf our the Executive Director, Officers and Members of the Caribbean Association of Pharmacists, I wish each of you a “Happy Caribbean Pharmacy Day” and pray that all of the blessings of the Creator shine down upon us all.

 Marvin R. Smith, PharmD., mCAP
President (2016-18)
Caribbean Association of Pharmacists


Caribbean Association of Pharmacists